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General Newsfeed Available for this Site Here
About Lightning Box

The Lightning Box Content Management System (CMS) was developed with flexibility and extensibility in mind. Themes are able to completely change the "look and feel" of a site, and can also offer extra functionality to the end-user.

A details page has been added where I will begin to talk about the features and functionality of the CMS.

In the mean time, visit our designers' gallery at

About Me

I have, in some way or another, been working in the graphic arts industry for the last eight years. As I'm sure most people have, I've had my share of good and bad jobs.

Currently, my fascination is with PHP based, MySQL driven Web Applications. I'm in the process of developing a Content Management System which is what powers this site. Check back later for more updates!

What's New

Added some details for the Consultant Seminars project, and a week or so ago I added some info about the Twitter Feed (see it in action below) I added for the CMS. Be sure to check that out sometime!

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06/11/2013 @ 11:15am

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